Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fantasy Beach Trip

Well, it's another rainy day in Richmond, so today is Fantasy Beach Trip Day!  Yes, today I'll plan a trip to a beach that I've never visited.  First stop, Hawaii . . .
My first few days will be spent lounging in a hammock by the ocean,
while I sip exotic drinks with names like "Blue Hawaii".
When I'm good and rested, I'll visit the "Big Island" and tour Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  I will tour the Kilauea Volcano and see where the lava flows dramatically into the sea.
I will also visit a Coffee Plantation and enjoy fresh roasted Kona coffee!  Then I'll visit the island of Maui and maybe even stay at the Marriott Maui, where they have a waterfall in their swimming pool.
If I'm lucky, I'll be there during the Lantern Festival!  (Looks a bit like the movie Tangled  :)
I'll visit the top beaches on different islands, like Kauai . . .
Maybe someday . . .


  1. AWWW great photos!!! I'll join you on that trip!

  2. The photos come courtesy of Pinterest - a great place to plan a fantasy trip.