Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Favorite Beaches . . .

It's a grey, rainy day here in Virginia, so I've been thinking about my favorite beaches!   I used to live in Florida, so some of my favorite beaches are in "the sunshine state".  If I could be anywhere else today, I would pick Sanibel Island, right off the coast of Ft. Myers in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sanibel has many features that I love about Florida -- white sand, aqua water, colorful flowers and palm trees, bright blue skies, bike paths, and, most important, warm sunshine!

Someday, I hope to visit more beaches in the US and even make it to Hawaii.  What about you?  What are your favorite beaches?  Where do you dream of going?    


  1. Hard to pick a favorite beach- so many have left an impression with me- from Hampton Falls NH to St Simons GA! I have such fond memories of Sea Pines beaches in Hilton Head Island. Going there in the beginning of the islands development to my Honeymoon to going with my family. I love the bike trails, the beaches, watching sun setting over the harbor are all wonderful memories but recently I have loved the very laid back lifestyle of St Simons! More research needed!!

  2. I definitely think more research is needed! I'll gladly accompany you to St. Simons to check things out!