Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beach Art - Ikki Matsumoto

One of my favorite illustrators is Ikki Matsumoto, an artist who I associate with Sanibel Island, one of my favorite beach destinations.

Ikki was born in Tokyo, Japan, but moved to the US as a young man to study art at the University of Cincinnati under the noted wildlife artist, Charley Harper.  After getting married, he moved to Sanibel Island, FL and opened a gallery with his work.  His popularity grew and he enjoyed wide success with his original art, prints, calendars, and illustrations for books.  He is especially known for his charming line illustrations that appear in the latest edition of The Joy of Cooking

My favorite pieces of art from Ikki are his illustrations of various shore birds.  I especially like his long-legged herons and egrets that are camouflaged by reeds and other tall grasses.  I also love his drawings of the little sandpipers and sanderlings - I can just picture them running along the shore, darting in and out of the waves.
I like the sense of humor and fun that's reflected in his work.
Original art and prints, as well as more information about Ikki, can be accessed at:

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