Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coastal Style

Oh, look what came in the email!  (from Pottery Barn)  I'm ready to decorate my beach house!  Oh wait, I don't have a beach house.  Hmmm . . . must be time for another of my fantasy escape posts.  The trouble is, I'm not sure where my beach house should be. . .  The outer banks of North Carolina?  Florida?  Out on the Pacific Rim in northern California?  Perhaps a classic Cape Cod in Hingham, Mass.?   That sounds good - I can just see it now, perched on a rocky New England shore.  Grey shingles, black shutters, a white picket fence, and blue hydrangas tumbling over the garden gate. 

Inside, it will be pure comfort - couches to sink into, soft throws, pillows, down comforters . . .
        Candles and shell accessories . . . . the scent of lemon-verbena . . .


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