Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ready for some sun!

I realize I haven't posted at all in February.  We have had a month of grey, rainy days here on the east coast and I haven't been feeling very "beachy". 

So I'll take a few moments to step back in time to remember the years I lived in Florida and how lovely February was in the southern latitudes.  Spring arrives early in south Florida . . . and seeing all the beautiful red strawberries in the grocery stores reminds me of the fact that they are at their peak in places like Plant City or Homestead.  Most people just think of Homestead as just a "jumping off" point for the Keys, but it's also home to some great little "pick-your-own" berry farms, roadside stands, and all kinds of fresh citrus. 

The hibiscus come into full bloom with a dazzling array of colors as warm breezes start to blow through.  Talk turns to baseball as the teams report to their various spring training cities.  T-shirts and flip-flops are pulled out from the closets in anticipation of warm days on the beach and lazy afternoons at the pool.  I'm ready . . . how about you?  

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