Sunday, November 4, 2012

Reflections on hurricanes and other storms in life

Just as all our days can't be sunny, so too with beaches.  This past week has made me reflect on the awesome power of nature where the ocean meets the shore.   The satellite photos of sailboats tossed upon the shore like toys remind me that sometimes wind, water, waves or other events in our lives are not for us to control. 

My heartfelt prayers go out to those who live along the northeast coast as they pick up the pieces of their lives and hopefully find sunny days and calm waters again.

This Sunday I offer up a navy version of the 23rd Psalm, called "The Sailor's Psalm"

"The Lord is my pilot, I shall not go adrift; He lighteth my passage across dark channels; He steereth me through the deep waters, He keepeth my log. He guideth me by the evening star for my safety's sake. Yea, though I sail mid the thunders and tempest of life, I shall fear no peril for Thou art with me. The vastness of thy sea upholds me. Surely fair winds and safe harbors shall be found all the days of my life; And I shall moor, fast, and secure, forever Amen.

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